Good Wap Witches And Potions T-Shirt

https://weathertees.com/Has done basically all he can to keep America out of wars and sharpen our focus in the ones that we were in when he took office, despite resistance from the chicken-hawks in his party and deep state; Killed the two biggest terrorists in the world; Did not start any new wars, for example by getting us involved in Syria; Ended ISIS; Appointed an effective surrogate in Menuchin to negotiate successful coronavirus relief.

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Good Wap Witches And Potions T-Shirt

Massive ventilator and PPE production spurred by Presidential action; Massive undertaking to distribute coronavirus vaccine as soon as an effective one is produced; Offers of effective federal assistance to combat crime in urban areas (Chicago has seen a 50% reduction in violent crime since said assistance was accepted); Lowest unemployment rate EVER

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