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Most cities did it until recently. As for your second point, it does the exact opposite as it robs the officers of their ability to view the people they police as people. It happened literally 2 years after the city of Milwaukee dropped its residence requirements. His name was Frank Jude and over 100 local kids just playing outside were swept up in it. Police are human beings. Just because they live somewhere else doesn’t mean they magically lose their humanity towards their fellow humans. That’d be like arguing firefighters who work in a different community than they live don’t see their patients are humans anymore just because of where they live.

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It makes no sense. And I would know because I worked alongside police and fire for years in EMS. Many firefighters make long commutes to work from outside the community they serve. It’s hard to find police officers, to begin with. Now, what do you do with that 95% that live outside of that community? Force them to move? Do you think they will just do whatever you tell them you want to have cops in all the nice areas, and no cops in any of the low-income areas at all? This idea serves only to punish police officers who would choose to work in these areas. Or you’d have to pay much more, which typically those cities cannot afford.

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