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It also allows for Loma to have one last hoo-rah against another young explosive dangerous fighter in the form of Gervonta being that he presumably will take Leo’s strap come the 31’ st, and is comfortable at 130. Gervonta will surely be more eager to take the challenge now that the mystique around lomachenko has dissipated due to Teofimos victory. Every good fight boxing still has to embarrass itself with horrid judging. The win I could believe, 119-109 is a clown score. I’m done with this sport for a while, could see 115-113 but got damn Harold Lederman would be spinning in his grave

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I had Lopez winning the first 7 and Loma the next 4 and then Lopez the final round, 116-112 Lopez, Lomachenko did nothing for 5 rounds but came on strong in a few rounds but Lopez won the fight clearly the body shots were troubling Lomachenko all fight. One of the scores was ridiculous. Jesus christ 119-109?????? What exactly are the requirements to become a boxing judge??? Because it seems way too low

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