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Julie Lederman shouldn’t be a more talked about the topic than a dude unifying 4 belts. Just saying. She sucks, we get it. Even if she choked on a pretzel between rounds and fucked off for good Lopez still won. So can we get over that hump and give credit where credit is due. I just rewatched the fight and tried to score it, and honestly, the only 100% clear rounds for Loma are 8, 9, and 11 in my opinion. I have it 115-113 Teo but it’s not unreasonable at all to give him round 2 or some of the later rounds. 119 is nuts but so is a draw.

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Also, it’s very obvious that the cut came from a headbutt. You get a clear view of his eyebrow with no cut, then they collide with no punches thrown and it’s gushing. There were a lot of smooth-brains in here last night denying that.IMO Loma should go back down to 130 for good and chase his unification there. I don’t see Borchelt, Diaz, or herring giving him any trouble, to be honest.

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