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My sister got a civil marriage. Then they moved super fucking far away to the middle of nowhere cause he got a good job. My sister never finished college and he would remind her on a daily basis about it. She would get super depressed and he wouldn’t believe her. She got sick once and he told her since she didn’t go to the DMV that day she wasn’t allowed to go to a theme park we were planning on going to that weekend.

Good Quality Racing Is Life Signature Shirt


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He would demean her whenever she couldn’t get a job or even an interview, and she applied to practically everywhere within a 50-mile radius. He called her stupid in front of me and when I called him out he told me to mind my own business. If he wasn’t twice my size I would have decked him. She left him after about a year cause he’s obviously a raging asshole. When she left he told her she has nowhere to go and if she went to stay with our mom she would just be a burden like me. I was like 19 and in college at the time. He’s a rude fucking dick but at least she got the car and the dog.