Good Pluto Never Forget 1930 2006 Shirt

Footings are concrete. Like that homes are built on. A good tip to remember is the rule of 12’s: minimum of 12 inches wide and tall, 12 inches below undisturbed ground, and 12 inches below the frost line(depending on area). Then studs are 16 inches apart from the center. Use this info and watch some tutorials on YouTube and you are only 2000 dollars worth of tools and supplies away from building half a shed and then giving up!  They thanks for the silver!

Buy it: Good Pluto Never Forget 1930 2006 Shirt

Good Pluto Never Forget 1930 2006 Shirt

Oh god this sounds like an extremely hazardous reality show – each contestant gets one day to design a house, one day to gather supplies, and a week to put it all together. The last house still standing after a month wins! Runner up gets their medical bills paid for all injuries incurred during the production.

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