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Well said! Our story is similar. I went through a divorce and worked on myself before I met my wife. She and I were the best versions of ourselves at that time. Since then, we’ve constantly communicated, encouraged, and elevated each other. Can’t imagine life without her. 7 1/2 years now. It’s a numbers game. Be social. Go places. Meet people. Make friends. Take up hobbies. An evening class or a social club. The more and more new people you meet, the more likely you are to find people who are compatible with you socially.NB: Don’t go anywhere or meet anyone yet. Pandemic still on in a lot of places.

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Here to claim NB2 as solid advice. I’ve always been an aggressive woman when it comes to dating, not afraid to walk up to men, say hi first, etc. Overtime the casual dating and the fuck boys got old. I finally did that thing where you listen to all your annoying friends in healthy long term relationships and I stopped “looking” at a venue one night, wasn’t in the best mood but wanted a drink and to head home. I spy a cute guy at the bar who keeps eyeing me but I say to myself “SELF you said you were here for a drink and to go home, this is not about that cute guy and he seems to know your manager cause they’re talking so just go home” I went to a bar I worked at after working a show.

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