Good Noodle Hopeless Ramentic Shirt

Best part is that I work in the Good Noodle Hopeless Ramentic Shirt best conditions that can anyone imagine in Greece: Best workplace environment, extremly kind and supportive supervisor, no pressure for anything except the deadlines I have signed. On the other hand, my wage is really low and can borderline support the basics.
I was going to get Ph.D. until I worked for grad students and postdocs in my undergrad days. Then I watched them suffer, and my parents who had Ph.D.s suffer, and noped the fuck out of academia. I went into industry as a Associate Scientist, then after a decade transitioned into Quality Assurance. Best decision ever. Fuck having to depend on having a decent boss for years without being able to move workplace easily. He went in the most boomerific rant possible. I can only paraphrase. “Well, Mike is out! Great! Just goes to show nobody wants to actually get off their ass and WORK these days! Life isn’t easy and people like him need to understand that!! He wanted weekends off knowing damn well we are understaffed. He claimed it was family issues or whatever. I don’t believe the guy. Just hire a sitter! Thanks for everything y’all do. You guys are the only hope of this generation. The delusion is that they really think they can win Civil War 2. CA alone has the economic might, enough people, the technological prowess and industrial capacity to single handedly crush all the red states into dust in a war. These people really imagine CA as a place where weak sissy people lived and they can all go minuteman on them.

Good Noodle Hopeless Ramentic Shirt

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