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It sounds like you’re jumping to conclusions. I’m not denying the negative experience or the rudeness, but how do you know she was rude because you came in wearing masks. How do you know she messed up the order because your boyfriend is brown. I’m not even saying these things aren’t the case, but rather your story/details haven’t connected those dots. How do you know you simply weren’t served by someone who is miserable at their job and is having a shit day?

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You can’t fight with facts and you can’t use the usual, ethical means of retribution. They simply don’t care. Look what the Republicans are doing with the Supreme Court nomination. They know perfectly well they’re being hypocrites. They simply don’t care, because these very same people you interacted with don’t care. This wasn’t that long ago. It may not sound like a big deal to people who have never experienced racism, but imagine having a nice date ruined because someone else in the restaurant believes that people of your race deserve to be there.