Good If I Call You Brother You Have Earned My Respect Shirt

So, when my kids were a toddler, I was told to give them a choice for dinner. To get them to have a choice, but you give them options. If you ask them “what do you want for dinner?” They could say anything. Like “I want ice cream!” Then you couldn’t change their mind. So what I was told is to ask a question that gives them a directed choice like “do you want green beans or carrots?” Then they were limited to the options given. Perhaps Ivanka needs to go to daddy and say “Daddy, do you want to concede the election by Twitter or call to Fox and Friends?”

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 love the fact that people are trying to legitimately claim Biden is in the wrong for trying to claim victory because, “The votes haven’t been certified, and the state electors haven’t officially pledged their votes!?!?”Like it’s not a standard American norm for every President in the modern era who has claimed victory (with the legitimate exception of Bush) based on the Media’s projections. I mean, Joe being president and Kamala being the first Female, Black, and South Asian Vice President is freaking amazing–and I’m really thrilled and over-the-moon happy that the tyranny of Voldetrump is over.

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