Good I Like Wine And My Camper And Maybe 3 People Vintage Shirt

I took a gamble this past summer and left a secure government job to go work for a small company that was doing really well and growing fairly quickly. Was going super well until this. They can afford to pay us in full for a month but after that who knows. It all depends on if the phones keep ringing. I feel semi fortunate to work in healthcare. But at the same time, it’s kinda unnerving going to a hospital every day. No idea what’s going to happen when our staff starts becoming infected.

I Like Wine And My Camper And Maybe 3 People Vintage Shirt

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See I tried really hard to save but we were never ahead and then I was unprepared in the life insurance planning too. Then my husband died on 2/8/2020. I turn 40 on Sunday. I’m out of work for at least a couple more weeks if not longer. I have teenaged boys. I am so unbelievably fucked, I can’t even tell you. At least my mom had extra toilet paper I could steal.

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