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Sure, it’s a big city, and it’s cramped. But also, Governor Andrew Cuomo forced nursing homes to take in Covid positive patients. Donald Trump is not responsible for that. 6 other major cities also put Covid Positive patients into nursing homes. In New York State, during the month of May, 5,800 deaths from Covid came from nursing homes. In total, during the month of May, the number of deaths was 18,000. That’s 32% of the deaths in New York State. About 40% of all deaths in the US currently come from nursing homes.

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The United States is a coalition of many States. Each State is like a mini country. The Federal Government makes decisions for our country, but States don’t have to follow the Laws made by the Federal Government if they make their own laws or changes to that law. Which is why some States were able to make Weed legal, even though it’s still illegal federally. (Trump should decriminalize it.

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