Good Good Oldometer 45 90 Shirt

I had a Good Good Oldometer 45 90 Shirt friend’s mom who has a short-haul trucker. She brought some stuff home for us. Sunglasses, fanny packs, cups, and some limited-time flavors. Icons of which was this independence day theme stuff that had pop rocks. Pretty awesome day. When I was little, I’d tag along with my trucker grandpa while I was off for the summer. We’d go to all sorts of places, and the workers would always load me up with stuff while. Sometimes it was stuff they made. Other times it would be vending machine snacks or cookies. They’re lunchbox if it was like, a soybeans processing factory or something like that. One time, I hit the fucking jackpot when we went to the Barrel of Fun factory and they gave me two giant cases of little bags of chips. My school lunches were lit.

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