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Maybe we’d care if you actually supported investigating the blatant abuse of power that Biden committed along with the blatant abuse of power that Trump committed. Why would we hand over Trump knowing that he’d be convicted guilty of what he was actually trying to uncover? And you can’t really expect Trump supporters to care, when Hillary got off on having top security information in her home, on an unsecured server. Or when she received questions for a televised debate from CNN? Or when the democratic party cheated Bernie out of his nomination?

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You guys have been acting like absolute bullies and terrible people for over 4 years, and you expect us to care about anything you have to say? You have helped divide the country beyond repair by completely ignoring anything rational and being in a frenzy for all these years. At this point, we’re all aware that your opinion is that Trump must go down for any reason, it doesn’t even matter about anything else than that anymore. If you guys hadn’t acted like rabid dogs I’d be willing to listen.