Good Get Off My Lawn Vintage Shirt

They  Good Get Off My Lawn Vintage Shirt aren’t wrong. We already can’t go to the EU or Mexico. Canada, Aisa, and Africa soon to come. US armed forces are getting it at twice the rate of normal civilians… the military is not taking it as seriously as they should world wide. Source: personal experience. You have got to be kidding me. The military bases? And I thought the armed forces were supposed to be the most disciplined. Correction. All because of the people who empowered and continue to empower that one man. Mitch McConnell is equally complicit. As is the 49% who voted for him. I was in Okinawa when it belonged to Okinawans. They weren’t fond of the Japanese, to put it mildly. It must smoke their bacon that the squatters (Americans) gave their island to those people after decades of squatting.

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