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We did not have a house or kids and the divorce was rather simple. I went on to get married again and have 3 incredible kids I would never have had otherwise. The entire experience taught me a lot about the power of forgiveness (admittedly, it took me too long to learn this lesson) and I have a pretty great life today. If you are currently going through something similar, please know that life can and does get better! 🙂 Thank you all again and, while I watched Breaking Bad, I really never made the connection to me so many of these comments have me laughing out loud!

Good Georgia For Biden Harris Peach Shirt


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I think I knew for a while, but I finally admitted it after I had left. He was abusive and it happened so slowly that I didn’t see it. It’s almost like being lulled to sleep. It started emotionally before I married him. Then by about 6 months in the physical abuse had started. Shortly after, it progressed to sexual abuse as well. Long story short, a close friend saw some bruising. She was concerned and went to my parents. My dad confronted my ex and basically forced me to leave with them. At the time, I was so brainwashed I didn’t get it. It’s scary to look back on how out of it I truly was during that period of time.