Good Dont I Wish Common Sense Was More Common Shirt

Once we surpass that phase, we will become ‘God-like’ species that can travel and inhabit the universe. And then we will evolve differently in correlation to the planet. Thus there will be sub-species of Humans all over the galaxy. We will continue to progress until we are intelligent enough to create life out of nothing. And thus the cycle of life repeats. But for now, we are stuck at this spiritually-infant phase.it is more mental (propaganda, misinformation, subliminal and symbolic messages, indirect brainwashing from the media, conditioning).

Good Dont I Wish Common Sense Was More Common Shirt


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In times of panic, people tend to look towards leadership. He creates a false idea for his followers that this is all fine, and that there’s nothing to worry about. It’s almost cult-like. With him, there’s false security, and his followers like that. Without him, his followers would have to deal with the sad truth that we are actually in a pandemic. Y’all gotta understand, he thinks the people dying is a good thing. I’m the son of one of the people who say they’re ready for a civil war to protect their guns so I get insider knowledge on the sociopathy. They’re all loving these death rates.