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I’m not sure you all even understand what’s going on. How many witnesses were there? Why did they need more if they had “substantial evidence”? Do you not see that this is all a fucking joke? Hate trump all you want but this impeachment thing is a joke Would Trump going to an attorney general that he, himself appointed, instead of going to Ukraine to ask for an investigation, have made to slightest difference to the MSM or the dems bent on impeachment from the day he took the oath, have made any real difference?

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Note: the USA is not a democracy, never was and was never supposed to become one. But it is understandable that you think so because of all the miss information from the news, schools, and politicians. Words mean things and the word is the Constitutional Representative Republic. Lastly, the next time a Leftist is in office, what is being done to Trump will seem like a day at Disney by comparison. You started a Civil War and the other side will be the one that finishes it. Just like last time under Abraham Lincoln, the Republican that freed the slaves, this time a republican is stopping the Globalist Cabal and freeing the Earth.