Good Co-Workers Are Like Christmas Lights T-Shirt

White guys think you have to “stand your ground” and claim “if you’re following the law you won’t have a problem with cops.” That’s because they aren’t pulled over for “a broken taillight” when in reality it’s for “being black in the wrong part of town.” The thing about Trump (and the GOP that enabled and continues to enable him) is that he’s saying the quiet part out loud. All of these awful things have been going on for decades. If you didn’t think it was a problem before, guess what: it’s because you weren’t subject to it and are almost certainly a white man.

Good Co-Workers Are Like Christmas Lights T-Shirt


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My wife and I used to live in South Carolina. I’m white, she’s Mexican. We were treated badly all the time. It actually got comical because we were immediately able to detect it after a while. Had terrible service at restaurants numerous times from servers while they were sweet as pie to their other guests, hair put in each dish we were served (both of us) at a popular Irish restaurant, given dirty looks while we were out. The wife was asked if she was my maid once and when she went to put her 2 weeks in at a popular soap and candle store her manager asked her if “She was being deported?”