Good Bluey Dad Shirt

The citizenry also has done very well. Of course, you have boneheads here and there, but we have worked our butts off trying to be proper about all of this. Boston went from one of the worst traffic cities in the country to a complete ghost town.I’ve never been more proud to be born, raised, educated, reside, and work here. I have my beef with our governing at times, but overall I am thankful for every one of my fellow citizens and leaders.

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Good Bluey Dad Shirt


And amygdala sizes can be correlated to trauma/adverse childhood experiences. I really think when you boil it all away conservatism is a result of trying to cope with intergenerational traumas and failing to and usually passing it down to their children. Think about how many of these people were raised with phrases like “I’ll give you something to cry about” and “man up” rather than being given the tools to navigate their emotions. It’s very sad.

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