Good All American Pug Dog Dad Vintage Shirt

I bet if experts came out today and publicly stated there is nothing to worry about anymore, tomorrow these assholes would be walking around in full hazmat gear going, ‘you ain’t gonna fool me!’Maybe that’s the solution. Just tell them everything is fine and suddenly they’ll be skeptical of that claim and start wearing masks. That’s it right? Just cater the message to the audience. Fuck telling everyone the truth. Tell everyone what they want to hear while manipulating them into compliance: “There is a global pandemic and you should wear a mask to keep you and your loved ones safe. Unlike Donald Trump.

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All American Pug Dog Dad Vintage Shirt

Mexicans are flooding into our country carrying diseases, we need to wear masks so we don’t catch their dirty sickness!” “Scientists are telling us everything is fine but that’s just what the globalists want you to think! Protect yourselves!”YouTube: “We live in a surveillance state and are currently experiencing a Great Reset ushering in a New World Order! Cover your faces so they can’t identify you and single you out for 5G brainwashing!”It would work but then everyone would be wearing a mask and soon enough people wanting to feel special/smarter would remove it.

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