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Bingo. The vast majority of those without permanent homes in Seattle actually are living in sheltered places, either government provided, or subsidized, or with family, etc. The numbers of ‘unsheltered’ people are only a fraction of the total homeless, but these are the ones that cause the problems on the streets people complain about. I think the state we need mental health treatment to be more readily available for these folks. No amount of housing will help someone who is schizophrenic. They will only benefit from treatment. Leaving them to sleep on the streets like we currently do is absolutely cruel.

Good Ace And Anxious LGBT Pride Roses Asexual Shirt

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A lot of homeless people are just that. But they’re not the ones you actually see, because they still have support networks and are capable of working in the system to get help getting back on their feet. They fly under the radar of public perception. The very visible ones camping on sidewalks or along the sides of the highway or in any other greenbelt in camps that look like garbage dumps, yelling at things only they can see, shooting up in doorways, etc… yup, they’re the ones we’re doing a miserable job of helping.


















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