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It’s like climate change—it happens slowly but once you notice it it’s too late because the scale at which it impacts the individual will be overwhelming past the tipping point. The explanations that you offer, that you had a life and things were going decently, are not valid excuses—not valid then and never will. You do realize that the Republicans were ready to pass this and Pelosi refused to let it go through the house?

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You don’t really know what you’re talking about… the 500b skinny bill that they were ready to pass has no stimulus check and only a 200 boost to UI. The House passed 2 bills one in May, one on October 1st and neither made it to the Senate floor… and before you do that “poorly run dem states, or slush fund pork” idiotic argument… once it’s on the Senate floor it can be amended and bounced back for approval.

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