God First Family Second Then Nebraska Huskers Football Shirt

Funny” is exactly what the show is not anymore. He has no camaraderie with actual funny comics anymore. Watching a hilarious comic like Theo Von on that show now is almost frustrating due to Rogan’s inability or unwillingness to entertain theo’s sense of humor. I used to listen to every episode back in 2013-2014 when I first got into the podcast. I rarely do now, but the guy is still talking about the same shit he was 7 years ago. Operation paperclip operation Northwoods gulf of Tonkin blah blah all the same recycled talking points.

God First Family Second Then Nebraska Huskers Football Shirt

God First Family Second Then Nebraska Huskers Football Shirt

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Umm,absolutely fucking not. That would defeat the whole purpose of a podcast. If they get offended by something said it doesn’t mean someone else needs to change what they say, they need to figure out how to control their own emotions. If they don’t like what’s said or they think they’ll get ‘triggered’ then don’t fucking tune in.

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