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I live and work in NYC. I know people that got sick and one friend died. Some of my coworkers got sick, some got sick and lost relatives. A number of coworkers are so wrapped up in the Fox News sphere that they straight up believe the “pandemic/academic” bullshit. A coworker that had COVID and trouble breathing for weeks after thinks this is all bullshit. Ha! If 160k+ deaths aren’t enough of a “warning” already, you really think this CDC’s statements are going to change anything? As someone from the south, I can assure you the main concern of the people in my area is when college football/NFL is coming back. We’re doomed.

Girls Dancing For Candy Halloween Shirt

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Get ready for a shitty fall because a LOT of people STILL aren’t taking this thing seriously. There’s a good portion of the population who think the whole thing is completely fake and won’t follow the guidelines. We have businesses still requiring people to come to work in person even though they can do their jobs remotely. We have the schools opening and a lot of them stupidly requiring in-person attendance. It’s going to be a disaster I think.



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