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What’s ironic is the police review also dinged them that they only had handguns and shotguns when it was believed the suspect had a rifle. So the 2 women were lucky they weren’t shot at with 5.56mm rifle rounds. If the majority of the hits were via the rear of the pickup, then handgun rounds had to penetrate 2 layers of body panels… Don’t worry they correctly murdered the guy they were trying to murder later. One thing I constantly have to explain to young people is cops are never held accountable. That’s why people are so angry.

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I don’t recall this, but holy shit, what? That’s… ludicrous. Mob mentality and low oversight and accountability make police terrifying when that should not be the case. We need more training, actual accountability for cops who are out of line, more mental health/social workers, fewer officers, and off-load mental health situations from officers. How about approaching a fenced in the back yard where boys are playing with cap guns, saying on bodycam that you think they’re cap guns, shouting “drop the gun” through a crack in the fence, and firing within one second of saying that at a boy who had no time to respond and wasn’t even carrying a cap gun at the time?