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Ooohhh I got one. I work as an EMT for a private company, so we mostly deal with nursing homes and the elderly. One day when I was about 6-8 months in, I got assigned a partner who was in my orientation class. He was a little older than me at the time, as the mid-’20s, but he seemed a little childish. “Maybe he’s just sheltered, I think to myself.”

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Get In Losers We're Saving Halloweentown Shirt

Anyways, we got a patient I’ve had a few times before. She was a sweet, little old lady with COPD and CHF living at an assisted living. The call was for pneumonia. She’s prone to this stuff so it wasn’t a huge deal, slap her on oxygen and keep her sitting up till we get to the hospital. The first red flag though was this kid didn’t know anything. He didn’t know how to take blood pressure. He couldn’t find the medical history or medication on the paperwork (which is clearly labeled).

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