Funny You Are My Sunshine My Only Sunshine Shirt

It wasn’t easy, and I don’t think as you got older you’d be automatically equipped with it. But having a solution-oriented mindset and genuinely wanting a peaceful life for yourself will push you to see a lot of other angles. Now when confronting the first thing I ask if what was the root cause of it, how did it develop into so and so, and how we can end it more amicably. Fake confidence turned into real confidence after a little while practicing. Very thankful I used to be so shy now I have lots of opportunities open for me because I just WENT for it.3

Funny You Are My Sunshine My Only Sunshine Hoodie

Funny You Are My Sunshine My Only Sunshine Shirt

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To be honest, I find cartoons to be more mature than most of the recent shows. Having gore and sex on your show doesn’t make it mature, it makes it adult. It’s different. I find a cartoon that made me question my life much more mature than watching someone being raped in a game of thrones. Also, gravity falls is a solid 10/10. Need to watch Hilda yet.

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