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Well fast forward to after our break up. I am incredibly depressed. I mean don’t want to get out of bed depressed and toad to it she already has a new boyfriend like a week after we broke up. Yes, I know. I know. I am also in the future with you looking back. This guy will call him Rick, which is literally the opposite of me. He’s tall, absolutely shredded, and has a good job. She brings him around our mutual friends and like everybody loves him… So about three months after that I am feeling a little better.

Funny There’s Some Ho Ho Ho’s In The Pits Shirt


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I run into her at a party and she tells me she’s getting married to him. Honestly, I was fairly over the break up by then and I wished her luck. So as the wedding day draws closer she keeps calling me and we chat from time to time, One night she calls and tells me that how great it would be if I showed up at her house before the wedding and whisked her away. Now if she had asked me like a week after we broke up I might have done it but by this time I had gotten laid a couple of times, lost some weight, and was feeling pretty good about myself. So it was a hard pass on that. That was the last time we talk for months.