Funny Stay Strong Don’t Give Up Shirt

Over 20 rape/sexual assault allegations. Over 200 indictments in his administration. Over 200 people leaving or getting fired. Sucking Putin’s dick and no balls to confront him or Russia. His kids profiting off the WH. I could go on. Hiring drunk giuliani to dig up dirt. He’s a fucking joke just like his base.

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They believe that if they don’t get up and pray to Republican Jesus, put on their underwear with the gerrymandered pattern, eat a bowl of GOP-O’s cereal, don their MAGA hats, and start talking about how great Cheeto Mussolini is until they go back to bed, all of America will be destroyed by Communists or Anarchists or Healthcare or Taxes or Lack of Hamberders or Public Transportation or whatever else. It’s all the same.

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