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This is pretty simple. If this does take effect every single one of you quit paying for Spotify and delete the app from your phone. This cancel culture bullshit has to stop. Just because a select group of people cries doesn’t mean everyone should suffer. What it does mean is you don’t have to support a company This is what happens when you make the move to go exclusively to Spotify for more money. Complete corporate leftist control.

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Funny Pumpkin Weed High Onweed Shirt

Well, it was bound to happen, I’m not surprised I’m the slightest. I tuned in to hear from people twitter doesn’t want to speak and once that’s gone, I’m gone. Good on him for grabbing that bag tho, they have consistently shown that they have no intention of letting the podcast be how it was, and it’s not even exclusive yet. I hope this 100 mil fuck up teaches them a lesson, but I honestly don’t care either way.


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