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And that is probably the most depressing part about living in America, the fact that instead of refusing a candidate and demanding a new one, the citizens just haphazardly vote in the smartest of the two dumbasses. Also, the fact they let people in their 80’s who are at a higher risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s make decisions that affect the American citizens… I had three nightmares on January 18th about this virus. Seems as though they might be on their way to coming true, other than (for now) the virus and those who contracted it at my doorstep. 2019. If you haven’t prepared a tax return yet, you can use your 2018 return. If you haven’t filed that yet, you can use a 2019 Social Security statement showing your income to see what an employer reported to the I.R.S.

Still, he will continue sucking out billion$ from the moron criminal Saudi prince MBS in return for covering up for his proven crimes and helping him to be throned as the next Saudi king. And the same he does with the other boy MBZ in UAE who has kept the legitimate country president locked out. Trump has been milking both via his son in law Kushner from his early days in the presidency which started with his all family visit to Saudia. What an insult to him that the Senate prevented him from further misuse of power to enrich. Earlier today I talked to my mom about all the things that needed to be changed and she cursed the Democrats for the original bill. I explained to her how they stopped it an made the positive changes.

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