Funny Peace Love Lgbt Diamond Shirt

Your boyfriend you’ve lived with for 7 years reconnects with an old high school guy friend after 20 years and describes everything about where he is in life, never mentions you. The conversation was on speakerphone in our kitchen my bf inquired about his friend’s life and in turn filled his friend in about his. How soul-crushingly common it is for kids to be sexually and otherwise abused.

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Funny Peace Love Lgbt Diamond Shirt

As my parents were oblivious to the value of my cards, as was I (I was 11 years old) I traded him for a box of weird Star Trek cards, because my parents were fans of the shows. To this day it still angers and saddens me to think I lost all of those cards, which are worth thousands today, to some child predator. I don’t doubt that he duped many vulnerable kids out of their valuable cards back then.

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