Funny One Piece Monkey D.Luffy King Of Pirates Shirt

Exactly, that was Trek! Star Trek was always about wacky, campy solutions. And Beyond, to me, captured the Exploratory spirit of the series. Sad that its over, sadder that Anton Yelchin died at such a young age as he was a great Chekov. Trek 09 and Beyond were entertaining, both had their potholes, but they were fun. Into the Darkness for me wasn’t a bad Space Action Movie, but it missed some of the core beats of a Trek adventure.

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Yeah, actually it was interesting to see that from the other side. I’m not really a Bond fan. So that moment, to me, was what fan service looks like to non-fans. It really is just a giant wet noodle that splats on the ground. I’m not offended by it. I just don’t understand it at all. Kinda grinds the whole thing to a halt when a big dramatic reveal is a floating question mark.

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