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I’ve thought about this more times than is probably healthy.it’s going to be like the wild west out there. There’s really no way to enforce any laws or rules that we come up with here on Earth. It will be interesting to see if it will be treated as a community where people help one another, or if it will be a survival of the fittest out there. I assume it will start off with a healthy, helping, Utopia type of image, but that would only last 2 or 3 generations at most before human nature comes through.

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If you read the treaty, the US would be internationally responsible for anything SpaceX does, and subject to reprimands from other countries in the United Nations (not that that matters much what a pointless article to write. All of the space is under the authority of the UN. Ok. The author is just such a douche, saying that providing the entire world with free internet is a “pet issue” of his. He wants to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with a guy doing something just because he talked about it. What a smarmy little prick.

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