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I’m going, to be honest, I can’t stand Alok. They come off as a deeply flawed, deeply narcissistic person. There’s an entire op-ed about how they would complain about not getting laid(the OP-ed was supposed to be in their favor too)You reminded me spot-on of an Alok I met in college, and yeah, he’s the first Alok to come up when I googled “Alok nonbinary”, but now he’s famous for it. In some circles.

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I was in a university gay group. It had been for gay women and men for many years. Not long before I started going, they started adding “and lesbians.” I asked one day if any of the women there preferred to be called lesbians instead of gay women (or gay people) and a grand total of zero said they had a preference for the word “lesbian,” so I don’t know what social justice warrior thought they needed to start using that word.

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