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Not that you don’t necessarily know all of this, I’m just posting it to bring more thought to the tragic absurdity of the idea. It’s odd how often we distill the Three Fifths Compromise down to “black people only counted as 60% of white people” when in actuality, the fact that they were counted at all was a huge win for their oppressors and a very part of the system that was built to keep them enslaved. It provided more representation to slave-owning states by assigning their delegate count in the House of Representatives

Funny Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Champions 2020 Shirt

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The 3/5 compromise was designed to be a middle ground… It had nothing to do with considering black people to be 60% of white people and everything to do with legislative power…The northern states wanted not to count the slave population at all… Not because they were racist, but because they knew it would give outsize power to the slaves’ states and enable them to protect slavery with that power…

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