Funny Halloween Witch Regulators Mount Up Broomstick T Shirt

In my experience, most metal polishing compounds are embedded in firm waxes and come in blocks/sticks. They’re meant to either be applied with rotary tools or burnishing/polishing wheels, don’t take well to hand-polishing without significant elbow grease, and can take a bit to wash off. Plastic polish, on the other hand, is less abrasive and comes in liquid form, ranging from paste to mist. There are other brands you could try like Novus, which offers a three-part set of plastic polish and lasts quite a while.

Funny Halloween Witch Regulators Mount Up Broomstick T Shirt

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They’re actually supposed to be that way. Mine is exactly the same. If I recall correctly, they aren’t meant to be 100% flush cuts on the center of a part. It’ll always have that slight rise in the cut if the support block isn’t hanging over the edge of the part. I saw a graphic about the profile somewhere but can’t find it right now.


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