Funny For The Love Of Running Shirt

I’m trying to find the red flag, but I honestly didn’t see it until it was too late…. actually the red flag was probably someone coming up to me in a bar and saying, “that guy is a manipulative liar, stay away from him”. This was a stranger. I chalked it up to a jealous ex or something. This guy was also 20 and ended up getting kicked out of the bar due to tattling by the same person who gave me the warning. This further put her warning out of my mind. Every time we would hang out, he was always helpful, and try to include everyone in whatever fun was being had. If someone as having a shit night, he would sit with them, go through their problems, talk it out. Just seemed like a really good guy. He helped me get another buddy home who was too drunk to be anywhere. I’m positive he would have gotten into a fight if we hadn’t wrangled him home.

Funny For The Love Of Running Shirt


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Not sure if this counts but I had an interview once and in order to show how “cool” and “fun” the company was the guy told about how they got a paid beach-side break the previous year. Cool enough I guess. But then he proceeded to tell me about how one night when they found the beach bar had already closed, they just broke into it and proceeded to get drunk by burglarising the place. And this was for a tech job. I noped the fuck out of there.