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I get that life presents challenges but this phase of “rugged individualism” has taken a toll on my mental and physical well-being. I had savings. I live within my means. I am sinking fast and now am making choices like go to work while sick to keep my home. Fuck all these entitled assholes that are supposed to be governing. They have failed all of us save for the 1%, donor class heard in the grocery line the other day from a mother to her 5-7-year-old child “no you can’t have that candy bar, we have to save the food stamps for thanksgiving.” Fucking sad.

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I haven’t eaten in 3 days. Not sure where my next meal is coming from. I quit my job before the pandemic started so never got unemployed. Never could have foreseen what was coming. I blame Mitch McConnell and Republican senators 100% for this shocking act of treason. Americans are truly suffering now. You have my sympathies. I’m not in too different of a situation, myself. Had to quit my job late last year due to severe lung infections I had no insurance to get treated. Was still too ill to be active again by the time covid was in full swing.

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