Funny Dachshund Pumpkin Halloween Shirt

I’m more disappointed in the amount of very rude accusations, both in r/bestof and in my inbox, about my political leanings and assumptions made about how I feel about police, BLM, and unjustified shootings in general over a hiccup in the way we handle the high traffic loads that we occasionally get. I offer up this explanation in the hopes that you’ll all keep the pitchfork-wielding and insults to a dull roar. Those of you who messaged me politely, instead of sending me vitriol, thank you very much.

Funny Dachshund Pumpkin Halloween Shirt


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He blew the whistle on a fellow officer and was fired for it. He fought back through the appropriate channels, which were stacked against him. They promptly destroyed his career, both in law enforcement and his military career. He proceeded to spill the beans on several officers, including bringing up cover-ups the LAPD was involved in, including how they would arrest former officers who they fired for whistleblowing on bullshit charges and frame them for crimes.