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That looks odd. The whole scene is very washed out. His hand was pale by comparison to his face but not blue like is shown there. Look at how white the background is compared to the CNN video of the same moment, salute starts at 1:20ish. I’m guessing color correction got the better of this image. It does look bluish. But what I immediately noticed was the reddish discoloration on the bridge of his nose and next to his nose that even orange makeup couldn’t cover-up. My mom has COPD

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Holy shit, good call! I use a CPAP at night so I regularly have those exact same impressions on my face. Depending on how I’m sleeping and how hard it’s pressing against my face, they can last for hours. It does look very similar. It’s impossible to know for sure based on this image though. The marks beside his nose (another side, as well) were visible on the footage CNN showed. My mom and I both noticed it at the time and talked about it. But this is the first image where

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