Funny Capricorn Headstrong Shirt

And it’s a waste of money. Most kids don’t have a sensible use for a smartphone until the latter years of secondary school. When they might be getting around with friends unsupervised out of school hours etc, when they have some right to privacy from parents (a 5-year-old does not), and the phone becomes an emergency line if necessary. There are some phones and settings that supposedly allow parental control of a smartphone, but if you’re being browbeaten by a 5 year old into buying them a smartphone you’re probably not playing the role of the parent in doing so.

Funny Capricorn Headstrong Shirt

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When I was five, I was begging for a console for at least 4 years before I got one (PS2), and I got my first phone when I was 19 cause my mom wouldn’t buy me one (we are poor, I blame her management no offense). But my 5-year-old brother got one since he was effing 4 just so he could lay off mom’s back, a big middle finger from me for that. My 6yo has one because she has type1 diabetes. Haven’t found another way to get her BG sent to my phone when she isn’t near by. Literally assists in keeping her alive. We get a lot of judgmental looks. Fuck em.

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