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Then her dad comes in and tries to beat a 14-year-old but still calls him a woman beater? Like dude, aren’t you a kid beater, only beating people who you know you can beat and are underage. And in the realm of kid fighting, a punch to the face is a crazy escalation. At least, it was in my day. I have a cousin who’s a year older than me, he is male and I am female, and we would play around and stuff he was definitely a rough violent kinda kid. not a bad kid, but just, sometimes fights would go too far and we would hurt each other and someone would cry and parents would intervene.

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Funny Bluey Dad Shirt

But you don’t punch people in the face. You might shove each other, have a slap fight, throw each other into stuff, etc. but a face punch is pretty serious and not a normal kid-spat kind of thing, IMO. I would be pissed about the uncle’s escalation, too, if I were OP’s parents. One, the fact she would first fight over a controller and two escalate that to a punch to the Face is quite telling of her own upbringing. Punch to the face is learned.

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