Funny And By’ K’ I Mean Fuck You Shirts

What you feared to always become, you are. You always have been. You’re a failure. You do not have a single achievement that is positive without cheating in some way. You’re rich, you inherited (and cheated in order to get) it. You’re a businessman (who had several bankruptcies of even things that sell themselves). You’re on your third marriage (how’s that working out for you? Tell me, where does Melania sleep at night? Do you even know anymore?). You had to PAY a porn star to sleep with you. You demand loyalty. Someone worth being loyal to doesn’t have to demand it, because they’ve EARNED it. You fail at even the most basic tasks. You literally had been given the easiest method to come through all of this smelling more like a rose than the shit pile it grows in. But here’s the most hilarious part, you were too fucking stupid to take it.

Funny And By’ K’ I Mean Fuck You Shirts


Johnny Utah 1991 School Of Surfing And FBI Training Vintage Retro T-Shirt


Official Joe Biden Corn Pop Tee T-Shirt

In October We Wear Pink Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirt

I Am A Hockey Mom I Spend More On Hockey T-Shirt

Michael Myers Social Distancing And Wear A Mask In Public Since 1978 Shirt

Dont Study Me You Wont Graduate T-Shirt

Official Satan No Lives Matter T-Shirt

My Wife Says I Only Have Two Faults I Don’t Listen And Something Else T-Shirt

I’m Not Perfect Christian I’m The One That Knows I Need Jesus T-Shirt

The Warriors The Punks The Rogues The Orphans The Baseball Furies T-Shirt

Tim Mcgraw 28th Anniversary 1992-2020 Thank You For The Memories T-Shirt

On A Dark Desert Highway Cool Wind In My Hair T-Shirt

Official Horror MIB Maniacs In Black T-Shirt

Dr Bonnie Henry Be Calm Be Kind Be Safe T-Shirt

Chucky Georgie Denbrough Oh Shit IT T-Shirt

Black Wall Street Greenwood – Tulsa Oklahoma Black History Premium T-Shirt

I Never Dreamed Id End Up Marrying A Perfect Awesome Wife But Here I Am Living The Dream Shirt

Official Face Mask Funny Horror Movie Shirt

Halloween It’s A Good Day To Wear A Mask Halloween Friends Horror Squad Movie Killers Wear Mask Halloween Quarantine 2020 Shirt

Sense 8 5th Anniversary 2015 2020 Thank You For The Memories Signatures Shirt

I Regret Charging Him Because He’s A Loser Shirt

Official The Streak San Antonio Basketball T-Shirt

Funny The Philadelphia Abbey Road Shirt

If you weren’t having children put into ice camps for being suspected Mexicans, if you weren’t undermining corona strategies, if you had implemented lockdowns and masks, if you weren’t a child-abusing white supremacist, if you weren’t undermining everyone’s voting rights or invading portland, maybe people would have despised you a bit less. it must really suck being that insecure, mixed with the extraordinary lack of self-awareness. I would pity him if had even a remote sense of humility, and maybe the fact virtually every other human on the planet is more deserving.

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