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My parents always told me the presents we’re from them, but Santa was the one delivering them. Did it make sense that Santa just came and handed the presents that were already there out? No. Did I ever question it? No. My parents always did like 2-3 Santa gifts that were unwrapped for my brother and me and the rest were clearly labeled as from my parents. It went back and forth on how cool the Santa gifts would be depending on the year, but his stuff was almost never the focus. And when I found out about Santa not being real, my mom wrote me this sweet letter explaining the magic behind Santa and inviting me to be a part of that magic, to be Santa, which was really cool!

Funny 2020 Toilet Paper You’ll Go Down In History Teacher Christmas Shirt


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Growing up, we always got practical gifts from Santa. Clothes, books, sleds, simple toys. If we were lucky enough to get something big and expensive. That was always from our parents, never from Santa for this exact reason. We shouldn’t be getting better gifts from Santa than those less fortunate Well if we’re being completely honest, Capitalism/Consumerism has taken over most holidays (inclusive of Christmas), and from a marketing perspective, saying your “parents love you” doesn’t quite make sales like “mythical being we can put on a coke bottle”.