Friends Last Supper Snoop Dogg Shirt

Another way of Friends Last Supper Snoop Dogg Shirt looking at that is that even when matched up against the ugliest flag known to man or God. The Stars and Bars still only managed 73% of the vote. This suggests that if a new, decent-looking flag was introduced today, it would win easily. I’m not saying that seal based flags are great. My point is it’s not hard to make a nonracist flag. It’s like a test where a passing grade requires you to write your name… And you failed. “Let’s put one of those leafy trees back in for good measure. That looks really good… comin’ right of the sky there.” The concept of what they were going for (the national flag in the corner uniting all designs. While the rest reflects the individual county) is pretty cool, but the execution is… lacking. Thank goodness Pocatello put a copyright on their flag. That’s certainly what is stopping people from copying it for their own.

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