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Great reply. Many people think that the outcries of dissatisfaction on this sub has Bungie quaking in their boots, and it really doesn’t. This sub has tons of activity, people are still logging into the game and completing Pinnacles and other activities in the tens of thousands hourly. That, to Bungie, is great interaction and means their game is still in people’s “to-do list.” What would really start to make them concerned is if this sub just died out, not many new posts came up, people stopped logging in, etc. Logging in and complaining is almost the same as logging in and having a great time.

Found Drunk Return To Friend Group Of 3 Friends Drunk Girls T-Shirt


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Couldn’t agree more. It’s why I stopped playing early last season. I don’t care about the Doritos coming to get us because at the end of the day I just don’t see any sort of resolution coming to that story until d3. Not to mention I doubt it will be all we’ve dreamed of or even close to it. And having to slog through another year at a minimum of this boring ass content isn’t going to help it any. The only other solution would be competitive so they have to do what they can to keep their player base. Look at Valve with CS: GO.