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That’s exactly my thing. I don’t care what they have or do. I couldn’t care less. I just want to be paid a decent wage, have access to low-cost medium quality healthcare, and a few worker’s rights. I just want to be able to live my life without it being 60% work, 30% sleep, and 10% having the energy to actually do things. I’d settle for 40% work, 30% sleep, and 30% having the energy or income to actually do shit.

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Something else to consider, those rich people aren’t dumb. They known that if the ordinary people ever united and looked at the situation they are in another revolution could start. So they must make sure us poor sheep never unite. This. Most politicians are driven by lobbyists/future cash in their pockets, besides being already wealthy enough to run for an office. I’d be fine if the house and senate were elected from” average” people, like a jury. Pay them a salary, protect their job. I’d rather my local mechanic make decisions in my interest (with education from experts) that some millionaires.

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