For God Has Not Given Us A Spirit Of Fear But Of Power And Of Love And Of A Sound Mind Cross Shirt

The DNC is sabotaging the Democrats. Cheating constantly. Selling themselves like prostitutes. Then you have Democrats saying well just vote Democrat no matter what. Ignore how we cheat and play dirty. This is why Trump will win again. Don’t all candidates try to buy the election? Most use other people’s money, Bloomberg is using his own. What’s the big deal? At least unlike the Coke brothers or Adelson, he’s putting his name to his election efforts. Plus he has pledged to turn over his organization to whoever wins the D nomination. He’s the only candidate actually taking it to Trump instead of sniping other D candidates. Enough with the fucking purity tests. Liberals, do you want to get rid of the deranged mad man in the White House, or don’t you? If you do accept help from anyone willing to give it.

For God Has Not Given Us A Spirit Of Fear But Of Power And Of Love And Of A Sound Mind Cross Shirt


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Right now Bloomberg’s trotting out the “why are you attacking me, don’t you know you’re dividing democrats” line, as if a republican billionaire, with a history of supporting Republican candidates, and a history of racist policies in politics, isn’t the one trying to divide the democrats. He’s not trying to buy the election for himself. He’s buying it for Trump. He knows what he’s about to do. Americans have to start learning to read between the lines; how are we played so easily.

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